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Our themes reflect a comprehensive approach to problem solving
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We address issues that confront proper and conducive learning in adopted schools through our education theme.

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Linking communities

We build bridges between people who are separated by location, ethnicity, age, gender and social class.

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Advocacy campaigns

We promote healthy living, advocate for healthy lifestyles and address basic health needs under this theme

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Microeconomic theme

We empower adults and youth, mostly women, by providing entrepreneurial skill development opportunities.

Featured cause

Government Secondary School Otukpo

Government secondary school Otukpo (GSSO) is one of the oldest schools in Otukpo, Benue state Nigeria. Located in the middle belt area of Nigeria, Otukpo is home to the Idoma speaking nation of the country and has a population of about 160,000. This school plays a vital role in the development of this minority ethnic group in Nigeria. GSSO, despite being a government school, has over time deteriorated, largely due to neglect.

We need your help to ensure this school continues to play its vital role in this minority community. We need to renovate the school library, which is no longer functional, and furnish it with relevant books. We also need to provide a decent hostel accommodation for the students of GSSO as existing hostels are no longer fit for purpose. Helping GSSO function, at a very basic level, will contribute immensely to the development of young persons who come from middle or low income families that are unable to afford the expensive private schools in this local area. The out-of-school youth is one who is more vulnerable to exploitation, abuse and other social vices.

Past & upcoming events

  • Dec 8
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2015 TAI development summit

A three-day workshop focusing on skills acquisition and human capacity development, holding in Otukpo Benue State between 8th December 2015 and 10th December 2015. It is free to attend but you must register in order to be admitted. Key program features: ...

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