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what do I do? how do I start?

We rely heavily on volunteer services and donations from members of the public in order to bring change to our target communities. TAI is all about making impact that is regardless of geographical and generational barriers. Below are some ways you could be a part of this change movement.

Become a member

Become a registered member of TAI and enjoy all the benefits that come with this. Your membership is critical to our activities.


Support and offer guidance to one of our youngsters to help them achieve their goals. You give a total of 24 hours in a year.

Themes & campaigns

Key into one of our themes and campaigns – education, linking communities, advocacy and microfinance themes.

You are needed

Have you got what it takes?

Change is an event that needs time to become apparent. For change to take place, we need people that have imbibed and demonstrated change. These change elements who come from all spheres and works of life share a common denominator: overcoming challenges to attain success. Bringing these seasoned change elements into contact with youngsters who are striving to attain great heights is important for sustainable development. The motivation for our mentors is the need to give back to a youngster. Our mentors see the opportunity to mentor as a timely process needed for the transformation of young minds into productive and fulfilled adults – a stitch in time saves nine. Do you think you have what it take to be a change element? Then take the TAI challenge today and become a part of our movement for change. The TAI change movement is entirely reliant on people like you who have what it takes to make a real difference to the life of people in our target communities.

My goal is to pay forward the guidance and assistance I have received throughout my career. If I can contribute positively in any way to the succeeding generation, then it would be a small measure of my debt to humanity ~ Nnenna Ukachi (member and mentor)

TAI mentors and volunteers are motivated by the noble desire to make a difference in the life of a child or youth who shares similar life story with them. These youth (mentees) stand to benefit from the voluntary and deliberate actions of our mentor and volunteers. This singular gesture by volunteers and mentors is making a real and unparalleled difference to young people in our communities.

We celebrate diversity and we welcome members and mentors from all works of life. We welcome people from different ethnic, religious and racial backgrounds in our change movement. Whilst we focus on certain communities in our works, we understand that to be able to make significant and lasting impact, we must give well-meaning citizens of the world, regardless of where they come from, the opportunity to be a part of our change movement. The TAI transformation agenda is an all-inclusive agenda that is not averse to ethnic, religious and political diversity.

Working as a mentor with TAI is free! You do not have to pay a thing. All that is required is the readiness to commit at least 24 hours of your time (within one calendar year) towards mentoring a youngster.

Membership of our community is also free for all our mentors and mentee pairs. Our mentees come from adopted schools in our target communities. For those outside of this bracket, who are neither mentors nor mentees, but are interested in benefiting from the great knowledge base and exchange of ideas taking place in our community, you will be required to pay a membership fee of 25 GBP for the first year. Subsequently, you will only pay 10 GBP annually for continued membership. This fee helps us with the running of our activities and allows you discounted rates to any of our paid events within the year of your membership. For more on how to register please visit the donations section of this website or visit our community website.

Our community is a richly resourceful environment where you can get information on a wide range of topics ranging from health through business and how to be successful – just about anything!

Whilst our mentors have found the experience of mentoring a youngster highly rewarding and satisfying, our mentees have welcomed the opportunity with open arms and have found our community and mentoring to be fun, exciting and educating. Join a network of friends and mentors that span across countries, geographical boundaries and generations. Join the TAI community.

Our mentors get a certificate at the end of a successful mentoring cycle as a token of appreciation of their immense commitment to the development of a youth under our mentoring initiative.

You also get discounts on tickets to any of our paid events. These discounts are only available to fee paying members of our community and can only be used within your membership period.

I think I am ready to get involved. What to do next?

Not sure about something?

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