Microeconomic Theme

People who are empowered economically have greater odds of making decisions that will advance their societies. Furthermore, to ensure a society realises her full potential, the role of women and youth must be fully recognised and protected.

It is a well know fact that once a woman is empowered, the benefits that follow her empowerment are not just limited to her immediate family but spans across generations. Children born to women who are empowered (economically or otherwise) have better odds of survival.

Under this theme, we provide opportunities for local entrepreneurs to nurture and develop their talents. We also provide support to local groups and individuals (preferably women and youth) who are enterprising. The support we provide includes soft loans, trainings and business opportunities. We are currently working with a local microfinance bank to increase their financial base – this action directly impacts on the capacity of the members of this group to carry out their small scale businesses. More than 90% of the members of this local microfinance group, which was started by a woman, are women. Since inception, the microfinance group has supported a number of families through activities such as payment of the fees of their wards, provision of soft loans to their members who are into one form of trade or the other and assistance with personal needs. We are proud to be an integral part of this noble initiative.