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About TAI Beacon Awards

Welcome to TAI Beacons awards page. The TAI Beacons awards are more than just an award: These honours provide reinforcement for our unique mentoring initiative as awardees are carefully selected (from a long list of nominees) to reflect the values and tenets of our mentoring. Award recipients are, therefore, a vital component of our mentoring initiative and present our mentees with good examples to emulate.

By recognising the good works of others, we hope to inspire them to do more and inspire others  (especially those we mentor) to walk in the steps of these beacons.

TAI Beacons awards are broadly into two categories – individual and corporate awards. Individual awards are given to individuals who are making a difference whilst the corporate awards are for corporate groups and organizations making a difference in the communities where they do business. By nominating your beacon for the TAI beacons award, you are helping to promote the spirit of goodwill and hard work that forms the basis for these awards. You will also be acknowledging the difference these beacons have made to your life and/or local community.

This section lists our main award categories and you are free to nominate individuals/groups for the honours listed below

Distinguished public service awards – in recognition of excellence in public service

Innovation in science and technology – for individuals that have made valuable contribution to science

Nation building – given in recognition of individuals that labour to promote ethnic integration

Human rights, peace and justice category – people working to promote the rights of disadvantaged groups/peoples

Cultural heritage awards – in recognition of those who work to preserve culture and language

Awards for enterprise – to celebrate individuals that have made giant strides in business and industry

Distinguished corporate group awards – given in recognition of corporate groups that are making a difference to the local area where they do business

Philanthropy – in recognition of charity

Distinguished media awards – given in recognition of non-partisan and accurate journalism

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